Dino Snipe Shooter 3D

Dino Snipe Shooter 3D 6.1

Hunt the Dino Monster with full thrill and in realistic mode.

Dino Snipe Shooter 3D is a free Android app, being part of the category Mobile Games with subcategory Shoot 'em up Games and has been created by Lingogames. View full description

Dino Snipe Shooter 3D is a free Android app, being part of the category Mobile Games with subcategory Shoot 'em up Games and has been created by Lingogames.

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Its current version is 6.1 and the latest update happened on 8/6/15. This app is available for users with the operating system Android 4.0 and up, and you can get it in English.

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Since the app was added to our catalog in 2015, it has achieved 1,268 installations, and last week it had 0 installation.

Hey! as a master assassin and commando sniper shooter buckle up your rifle and sniping gears

Get ready to enter into an exciting expedition of Dinosaur jungle safari to kill and hunt down with epic encounters of the most ferocious creatures ever ruled earth, hiding inside the thick, damp, long grown jungles of Jurassic islands ready to meet their prey in the most exciting game of Dinosaur Sniper shooting 3D simulator.

The prehistoric era of Dinosaurs known to mankind were most destructive and horrible, these powerful vertebrate animals dominated the land for more than million years before experiencing a catastrophic extinction at the end of the cretaceous period 65 million years ago. They were of many types and varied from small bird-like ancient creatures to the largest animals ever to walk on the face of the planet earth, they were the only prehistoric creatures with skilled hunting techniques, this era has ended but still dinosaurs are the symbol of terror and fear for the human race and other creatures, from the perspective of a small, quivering herbivorous dinosaur a dozen or so other than tyrannosaur in general were every bit as dangerous, and their teeth were sharp and were flesh eaters.

Dinosaur Sniper shooting 3D simulator is the most realistic FPS game, featuring all the major aspects of dino era. The new exclusive Dinosaur Sniper shooting simulator is a promise of endless excitement and mind-blowing shooting experience. Now its your job, as an expert hunter and master sniper shooter to hunt down these enormous dinosaurs hiding and roaming in Jurassic islands, valleys and forests, loaded and equipped with latest sniping gear, you have to get ready and alert as this Dinosaur Sniper Shooting Sim 3D shooting game will directly insert you into the world of the prehistoric dinosaurs era where you can feel the fear and terror, you have to take your best shot to hunt, shoot and kill these huge monsters and have to be lighting fast while taking the aim for shooting these dinosaurs, once you miss the shot, the species like Velociraptor, the meat-eating T-Rex, Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus, and the herbivorous dinosaurs can turn you down into bits and pieces.

Dino Snipe Shooter 3D


Dino Snipe Shooter 3D 6.1